A week to remember…

Cabins in the snow

Well it’s been a week of firsts at Coastal Cabins!

I can’t actually remember the last time it snowed this much in Hartland – and i’ve lived here on and off for nearly 35 years! #stormemma and #thebeastfromtheeast have a lot to answer to, this really is one to remember.

As you can see from the pictures we got quite a bit of snow at the cabins, and our poor resident geese had their lake almost completely freeze over.
The drifts of snow on the lane made the road to us completely impassable for a good few days.

Lane snow

Just as the snow started to melt away the water in our taps went down to a trickle and then eventually stopped all together.  The thawed pipes had created a water mains leak that resulted in a water shortage for the whole area.

We can thankfully say that our water is back up and running now, but some villages locally have been cut off for nearly a week now!

After the chaos of the past week I look outside and it’s hard to believe any of it even happened.  The landscape is back to normal, the geese are swimming around merrily and the birds are out enjoying the Spring sun.  What a difference a few days can make!


We’re back to work getting all the cabins ready for our first guests of the season in a few weeks.  The new windows are all in and have kept the cabins water tight and snug over this cold spell.

For those of you still looking for a break over Easter we do have a few cabins left.  Book online here: https://secure.supercontrol.co.uk/availability/availability_weekly.asp?ownerID=9745&siteID=26955