Bath – the city of baths

I normally try and keep our local reviews well…local. Being a good 2.5 hours from Coastal Cabins, Bath is far from local. However technically Bath is still in the Westcountry so i’m squeezing this one in because Bath is BATH.

I love Bath. I lived there for my formative University years and it’s just so magical. In the winter it’s freezing, and in the summer it’s packed full of tourists – but despite this I just keep going back.
We managed a little break away and stayed @thebirdbath_ A truly bonkers and amazing hotel which I would highly recommend. With dinner at their sister hotel @no15gp Just LOOK at those toilets!

We only had 24 hours but managed to fit in the @bathskylineparkrun with lovely views across the city. Then across to @royalcrescent_hotel for afternoon tea followed by a few hours browsing the many inspirational interiors shops – check out @grahamandgreen , @OKA, @indiajanehome and @haydesign
Now i’m off to plan our next visit…

If you’re travelling down to Coastal Cabins Glamping from London or Midlands (or anywhere really!) then why not stop off in Bath on the way.