Bring the babysitters – aka Grandma and Grandad!

A lot of grandparents won’t have seen their grandchildren much at all over the past year or so. Cora is nearly 5 months old now and she’s barely seen anyone apart from us and the Sainsbury’s delivery man!

By April it is expected that all over 50s will be vaccinated! What better way to celebrate than a holiday at Coastal Cabins with Grandma and Grandad. Give them the opportunity to catch up on all the missed time with the kids whilst you get a much needed break. It’s win win!

We have two types of Cabin. Our Family Cabins sleep up to 4 people in a Kingsize bed and bunk beds. Our Couples Cabins sleep up to 2 adults and 2 small children with a Kingsize bed and a small sofa bed. So you could even let them have a sleepover in Grandmas cabin for the night!

Welcombe Mouth (Family Cabin) and Widemouth Bay (Couples Cabin) are directly next door to each other so would be a perfect choice when holidaying with grandparents.


We look forward to seeing you soon!