Bucks Mills


Back in February and before most of us had heard of Covid-19, Paige and I took a little day trip to Bucks Mills. Despite being teeny tiny it’s one of my favourite places. Here’s a sneak peak of somewhere to visit when this is all over. #somethingtolookforwardto

Hidden away down a little lane off the A39 you’ll find Bucks Mills. Not many people know this stunning hamlet even exists. The sign off the road is small and unassuming and so is Bucks Mills – but’s that’s the beauty of it.

Untouched for centuries, this village feels like stepping back in time. The narrow winding road is carved into the hillside with lush trees all around. Park up in the (free!) car park and meander down the lane past a collection of picturesque cottages.

A babbling river follows the road which eventually cascades down the clifftop to join the sea. After a short walk downhill you’ll catch a glimpse of water, which soon opens up to a breathtaking view of a vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

A few minutes after and you’ll find yourself on Bucks Mills beach. With miles of uninterrupted rugged coastline it’s not difficult to find your own spot of heaven here.

There’s no pub, there’s no shop – just you and nature at its most raw and uncommercial.

Bucks Mills is just 15 mins from Coastal Cabins. We’re closed at the moment, but book now for later this year or next and visit this magical spot:


P.s. There may not be a pub at Bucks Mills, but just up the road in Woolsery is one of the BEST pubs in the area – The Farmers Arms is a must visit!