Escape to Hartland

For those of you that don’t already know, I don’t actually live in Hartland. I live in Braunton near my husbands business which is about a 45 min drive from Hartland and Coastal Cabins. Mum and Dad live on site and I spent my first 18 years living over there too.

I’m telling you this because although I love where I live now, sometimes I just need to escape to Hartland. This summer is going to be busy in the South West – there’s no question about that. But Hartland has that clever way of always feeling quiet…peaceful…empty.

Even on a busy August Bank Holiday weekend It can feel like Hartland is yet to be discovered. If you look carefully you’ll find some stunning secluded beaches, and if you’re lucky you may have the place to yourself.

Last weekend we decided that Hartland was calling us. Mum and Dad looked after the girls and we had a whole afternoon just the 2 of us walking the South West Coast Path soaking up the views. We even managed a quick pit stop for some bubbly.

Amongst all the madness going on in the world – we escaped to Hartland!

Why don’t you do the same?


P.s. extra points if you can tell me which famous person stayed in this cottage for their stag do?