Everyone loves a bit of colouring (or is it just me?)

So apparently most children won’t be going back to school until September at the earliest – eek! 

Are you running out of ideas how to keep them busy? My hugely talented step-daughter Beth (@bethanykdesign) has made these fab colouring in sheets of our cabins.  I’m actually in love with them and plan to print off 100 for Paige to colour in! Hopefully that should reduce the constant shouts of ‘mummmmyyyy i’m bored’.

Maybe you’re coming to visit us later in the summer? If so it’s time to start getting the whole family excited! Or maybe you just want some cute pictures to decorate the house.  

Just CLICK on the pictures below to DOWNLOAD and PRINT.

Make sure you send us your completed artwork, we’d love to see them!

See you soon 🙏🤞