Freedom(ish) Day

Do you feel free? I for one won’t be rushing to the nightclubs, but let’s be honest that’s probably more due to having 2 little ones that currently won’t sleep because “it’s toooo hot”.

However there are a few changes that we will be implementing on our site. The most important one being that from today (Monday 19th July), our beloved BBQ cabin will be re-opening!

This is a communal area and does not need to be booked. However please be respectful to others and limit your use to allow everyone to use this facility. Some people (including me!) are still very unsure about being part of a large group, so please bear this in mind on site.

For those who would prefer not to use the BBQ cabin then we are continuing to provide each cabin with its own small BBQ for use on your own deck.

Just because Boris has said we can go back to normal we assure you we will not be slacking off in the cleaning department. Our super strict Covid cleaning measures are still in place and to be honest always will be.

Oh and last but not least, if you are visiting us over the next few months then I would HIGHLY recommend booking restaurants/pubs as soon as possible. Due to the increasing number of people being pinged to isolate, and Brexit, there are some serious staff shortages in hospitality.

As always, if you have any questions at all please drop us a message!

If you’re keen to get away then we still have spaces @coastalcabins in September.